Jon Nelson founded Jon’s Naturals, Inc.—a custom butcher shop located in McClelland, IA—with a belief that all animals should be raised and processed using the highest standards and most humane practices available.

We take pride in providing proteins that have been locally sourced, without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. We believe in traceability and accountability, so we can ensure that each animal has been treated with respect from farm to table.

Though the use of antibiotics has been outlawed in poultry, they are still commonly used within the beef and pork industries. At Jon’s Naturals, we do not process any animals that have been exposed to the use of antibiotics or growth promotants.

We want our customers to enjoy the natural flavor that comes with raising and harvesting animals in a wholesome environment.

  • Humanely raised with plenty of access to fresh air and sunlight
  • No use of hormones or antibiotics
  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • 100% vegetable grain-fed pork
  • Proven traceability standards